Bubble Skirt

Simple, stylish, and fun to make with a big goofy print. Let's get started, yes?

You'll be needing:
Cloth -- a good quarter yard will do you.
Elastic -- is for stretching!
Sewing supplies -- Needle, thread, scissors, pins. A sewing machine will get you pretty far, but it's not required.

Cut at least four strips of cloth. The first strip of cloth should be about two or three inches wide and a little longer than the waist of your doll. The second should be the same width, but several inches longer. The third should also be the same width, but several inches longer than the second. The last should be no more than an inch wide, and the longest.

Sew a casing for elastic in the first strip. Hem the last strip.

Gather the last strip so that it is the same length as the third strip. Sew it on, right sides together. This makes a ruffle.

Now, we're going to gather the third strip, but pay attention, because we're going to gather it a special way. You must do this part by hand!

Alternate very short stitches with very long stitches. See my stitches here? The difference between the short and long stitches must be more dramatic than this. This is what makes the 'bubbles'.

Gather it so that it is the same length as the second strip, then sew it up. Now, do the exact same thing to the second strip, gathering it so that it is the same length as the first strip, and sew it on. Hey, it almost looks like a skirt!

Measure a piece of elastic about the length of your doll's waist, then run it through the casing. Pin it up with the two free ends together, and sew it up.

Turn your skirt and give it a good stretching to make sure the elastic stays put. If it doesn't, tear out your seam and re-run the elastic, then sew it back up.