Doll Socks

Everyone's doll needs socks, and let's face it -- they're a little hard to get. AG is kind of funny about including them with outfits. But! Lucky you, socks are FANTASTICALLY easy to make.

And cheap!

That got your attention.

You'll need:

Human sized socks -- Make sure you use socks that you're not planning on wearing any time soon. Either go out and buy socks specifically for your doll, or use old socks that you don't want any more. They MUST have a stretchy top. It helps if they're thin.
Sewing supplies -- Basic stuff. Needle, thread, scissors, pins.

First, decide how long you want your socks to be. Knee length is probably easiest. Measure on your doll from her heel to however high up the sock should reach. This is the sock length.

Second, measure the circumference of your doll's leg right where the top of the doll's sock will reach. This is the sock width.

Take your human socks, and cut two rectangles out -- whatever your length and your width are. One edge of the sock MUST be the elastic part at the top. Also, that edge must be one of your width edges -- can't be your length.

An MSPaint diagram, if you're confused:

Here's mine.

Notice how I have the design off-center? If you want a design to run up your doll's leg, you have to measure and position it about a quarter of the way through, not in the center. If you're making plain socks, don't worry.

Fold your sock so that the right sides are together. Pin.

See the sides I'm pointing to? Not the folded side, and not the elastic edge, but the other two? Sew these up. The easiest way to do this is to hand sew it and use a blanket stitch.

Whatever stitch you use, it must be a stitch that stretches. A straight stitch on a sewing machine does not stretch. Don't use it. (However, if your machine can be set to a stretch stitch, feel free ... it's probably less trouble to sew it by hand, though.)

Once you've finished, turn the sock inside out. It should look like a tiny bag. Finish the other sock in the same way, then put it on your doll's foot.

Ta da!