Little Miss Playthings (LMPT for short) was started in 2007 as a way to get community members out and taking pictures of their dolls. The contest has always featured five categories, and the last two have always been the same: About Me and Anything Goes.

"About Me" was created to encourage participants to think about and develop the backstory for their particular doll, and to tell their story through a photograph.

"Anything Goes" was created to allow participants to show off something they really wanted the world to see -- a cool piece of their collection, a nifty locale in their area, or a smart idea they had for a picture.

Last year, some users mentioned that the About Me and Anything Goes categories were, err, not their favorites. Cough. So, I'm letting people vote before LMPT starts to let me know if they want to see these categories again.

Be aware that I make the final decision, and voting to take these categories off this year does not guarantee that they won't be back next year.

You will need to be signed into GFC and a member of The Bean Stalk to vote in the poll.

Make sure you click "Next Poll" to answer for both categories!

Voting ends May 1st at midnight, EST.